08 July 2015

Pure Love.

 I don't often photograph newborns. I have to admit I find it very hard and time consuming. You can type in "newborn photography" in Google and find all those beautiful pictures of sleeping babies and they all look so adorable, smiling and dreaming away and people think it's so easy to capture those moments. It's really not. I take my hat off to those photographers who do it for a living. To capture that one image it often takes hours of sweating in a boiling room. Yes newborns have to feel comfortable to fall asleep and for the photographer it means literally waterfalls running down their face and if that's not happening it clearly isn't warm enough. Babies also cry, I'm sure we all know that, but nobody wants all the photographs from the shoot to be like that, maybe one, but not all of them. And you can't just tell a baby to keep quiet for a few minutes while you're taking a photo. So it often means you're sitting there for hours and hours waiting to get that one shot. They get hungry, then they need to let all the food out( I won't go into that ). Then when they finally decide to have a little rest, you take your few shots and of-course after that you need to change the child and try and put them in a different position, yes try, it doesn't always work and it starts all over again. But every so often I do look at those newborn photographers' images and want some of those for myself. I love them so much, kids are so beautiful and everything that happens during the shoot is so natural and so pure, there is no faking with them and that's very important to me in any style of photography. And of-course when you finally get the images you want, you know that all those hours were definitely worth it and parents will have a little memory of that one special moment.

She was less than two weeks when I came over to their place, and a month before that I photographed her beautiful mum, you can see the images here , part 2 of that shoot is coming very soon.

                        Little angel wrapped inside mother's hands. What could be more beautiful.

Thank you girls, you were a great team! Lot's of love. xo

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