02 July 2015

Summer love & camping

2015 has been a wonderful year, so much has happened and changed in my life. I've met so many beautiful people with whom I've had great experiences that I will always remember. Nature has been my biggest inspiration and I must admit I have completely fallen in love with Australia, like never before. Those who know me joke that I'm never around and always camping. I guess it is true in a way, I try my hardest to be closer to nature and leave the city as much as I can. It started right from the beginning of the year. We spend our New Year camping down the coast with our good friends and when they all decided to go back to their homes, we drove around for another 2 weeks. It is the time I'll never forget and here are just some photographs I took one of those lovely evenings.

Sunset that evening was so magical, I didn't want it to end.

I'm sure you've all already seen Mo, from all my instagram and facebook posts, but if you haven't here he is. I'm so proud to call him my boyfriend. He's the most positive person I've ever met and with him I found peace in my life. Just love and nothing else to say. :) 

Anthony is our good friend and his hair!!! I couldn't stop taking photos of him...

Those sunset swims, what can be a better way to end the day? 

And half of me, I think it's the only one I have from that night.

Such great company, very open and fun people!


They wrote a song about me and Mo, but I won't tell you what it is. It's a bit too funny!


 I told you, I took a few of Anthony.

And gorgeous girls.

Happy vibes xx

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