30 September 2015

Magical German Forest

I recently came back from my travels around Europe so now I have many beautiful photographs and memories to share with everyone. Majority of the time we spent in Germany, because that's where my Moritz is from. I was very lucky because I got to meet and stay with locals, which meant I didn't visit too many touristy places and instead saw the beautiful, natural side of Germany.

Mo's family lives in Coasfeld, which is a small town on the western side of Germany, not far from the Netherlands' border. It's very quiet there but it's perfect if you want to get away from big, touristy cities. We rode bikes down to the shops and the parks. Mo took me around and showed me all the beautiful lakes and forests that he used to run around when he was little. It was very magical to see it all and imagine how it was for him growing up there.

One evening, Mo's brother, Johny was around and he invited us to come mushroom picking with him. He took us to a very beautiful forest and even though we didn't find any mushrooms because it wasn't really the season, it was one of the most unforgettable walks from our time there. The sun was setting and  the forest was truly alive. I walked around with my mouth open and my camera clicking .

Sunset for me has always been the most beautiful time of the day and it never stops to amaze me.

Here is Mo with a gorgeous feather he found, it ended up in my hair and I felt like a little forest bird for a little while. The sun made it glow and I was very happy!

I told you I was very happy. 

Here is another one of my glowing feather, the sun was setting really fast so this was the last photograph of it. I think Mo was glad, because I would have asked for more, but can you blame me with that beautiful sun light? :)

Just as I started thinking this walk couldn't get any better, Johny suggested we go to a lake and watch the rest of the sun set there. Sounds amazing we all thought and so we went. 

Yes, it is a very beautiful and peaceful place. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and those few hours will always remain in my memory. Thanks boys :) xx

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