08 December 2015

Bombo Cliff Dinner

This year started off beautifully, I was camping with Mo and we spent a few weeks driving around in our van, stopping anywhere we wanted, for as long as we wanted. Nothing much has changed, we are still traveling as much as we can, because what could be more beautiful than being on the road and exploring this beautiful country. I'm so happy I met someone who has the same dreams as me and we share all the magic moments together. Here is one evening we spent at Bombo Cliffs and Mo cooked the most delicious dinner for us.

 Bombo is a really interesting place to stop at. We spent a few days camping there, surfed every morning and evening and climbed the amazing cliff formations. It's definitely worth exploring if you haven't been there.

It was so romantic to cook dinner on the edge of the cliff, watching the sunset and cuddling while it was cooking. <3

There was a lot, but we nearly ate it all in one go. It was so good :) 

I took way too many pictures of those cliffs, but they are so beautiful! I will definitely go back there and take some more... I just can't get enough.


I will try to post more posts here, but for now I created a hash tag on instagram #travelingwithmo and you can follow our journeys online, by searching for it or simply following my page @liya_mira

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